We understand your first tattoo can seem a bit scary or that perhaps you want some advice before you commit. You are in the right place. We have done many first time tattoos for people, and we all remember our first time as well. I remember being more than a bit nervous myself. How much will it hurt? What if I can’t handle it? I had a lot of things go through my mind before the needle hit my skin for the first time.


Here is a straight forward 3 Step process to help guide you through your first tattoo.


  1. Research the style or images you like. A good place to start is always google image search. Instagram is now a great place to search too, as well as books and magazines. You may like colours in one image and the style of another, that’s cool, the more info the better.


  1. Bring any reference pictures that you have and show us what you like. Some images will translate very easily to a tattoo, while some images can look amazing on paper but for various reasons will not work in the skin. The best tattoos look like tattoos. We will advise you on how to get the best possible outcome based on your idea. Listen to your Artist and trust in their expertise, we have years of experience helping our clients and we want the absolute best for you.


  1. On the day of your tattoo, come in well rested, clean and showered. Make sure to eat some food before your tattoo and wear appropriate clothing for the body part (wear shorts if you are getting your leg done). It does hurt, but it’s a bearable pain. Like a hot scratch. Bring some headphones if you like and watch a movie on your phone. In a short time it will be done and you will have your first tattoo.


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